Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Brand new tow for Hanmer Springs Ski Area

We are proud to advise that we are in the process of installing a brand new beginners fixed rope tow to Hanmer Springs Ski Area that will be operational for the new season 2012. This is a big improvement in facilities for us as it allows the "first timers" to have a dedicated area of their own away from the shirt front tow and poma areas. The tow is being shipped currently from Vancouver and is "brand new" (first time in many years we have purchased something brand new!). We will give updates once installed, speaking of which, we will have a few working bees over the summer months - if you can help out - then please get in contact with one of the committee members for details - we offer a free day pass for each volunteer who helps for a day.
For a look at the new tow refer to attached link www.haruschlifts.com