Thursday, July 26, 2012

Field re-opening Sunday

The Learners area will open on Sunday 29th July (weather dependent) - the latest snowfall has covered most of the shirtfront and we will look to open the shirtfront area after the oncoming storm (expected Sunday/Monday). Staff are back up the mountain.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Field closed temporarily

At the moment, almost all of the club fields in the south island are struggling after the horrible rain that we got last weekend, and unfortunately, that includes us. Because of the damage the rain caused to the field we have closed down the mountain temporarily, to preserve the snow that we have left so that an infusion of new snow can bring us back for the season. We don't need much to get back in action, but with what we have at the moment, sadly, we can't run the lifts. Don't give up though, and do some snow dances, because hopefully there will be some snow coming our way as early as next week, and we will hope to be open asap!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

New Facilities celebrated at Hanmer Springs Ski area

With lovely cloudless skies and great runs down the shirtfront, the official opening of the new sundeck and beginners tow facilities at Hanmer Springs Ski Area were completed over the weekend. Happy faces were seen all over the mountain as the weather really turned on a great weekend. Here's hoping there will be many more days like these to savour over the season - thanks to everyone who has helped out in these important projects over the summer and autumn, your help will insure many enjoy these great additions over the seasons to come.