Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Easter trip up the snowless hill!

Good Friday presented the perfect window for some last minute jobs before the snow started to arrive and make completing them a bit of a mission. Chris Atkinson (club president) headed up with his "road train" and willing helpers to secure the weight at the bull wheel of the poma and its brand spanking new cable and to complete the wiring for the emergency stop wire in the tow. Its always so weird seeing that little winter wonderland all naked and tussocky and one hell of an experience broaching the slopes via 4 wheel drive buggy! So with our visiting Austrian friend in tow we did just that. Stood on the very top of the mountain in gale force winds, marveled at how Griggy didn't get blown off the tower then after hauling old snow fence posts to a pile, we lay in the shelter of the tussocks and the warm alpine sun. Great day, good jobs done and just adding more stoke to the winter a head!!

 Road train
 Un loading the Polaris
 Brand new fire place!!
 That view never gets old...

 Katrin from Austria loving the kiwi way of getting jobs done!

 Chris and Griggy grinding at altitude

 A little breezy

 Loading the wee beast back up and ready for home read correctly..perhaps one of the last remaining mountains to truly welcome snow bladers..

-Julia Atkinson